onsdag 20 oktober 2010

Should've known better

All the signs were clearly visible. But still I just had to go in! Had lunch at a small sushi place in Espoo. There were two strollers on the street just outside the restaurant. And I still went in! What's wrong with me? I had to literally CLIMB over three kids, all under the age of 4, to even get in to the place! God damn! I don't hate kids, but I'm not a huge fan either (except friends' and relatives' kids) but I am strongly of the opinion that if your children do not know how to behave in a restaurant you shouldn't bring them there! These kids were playing in the door-way all through my lunch, shouting and being all loud and what not... They were there with their moms, two moms, 5 kids. And you should've seen the table they sat at once they left!! It was a terrible mess, food all over the table and on the floor around the table. Seriously, in my opinion, that is very VERY selfish!! Yes you have a right to go out and eat even if you have kids, BUT all others also have a right to enjoy their meal in peace and quiet. This means that if your kids do not have any sense of how to behave in a public place you owe it to the other guests to remove yourself and your kids from that place. Go home, teach your kids how to behave and let people enjoy a lunch without food flying around and kids running around and screaming.

From now on, if I see even one stroller outside a café or restaurant I'm crossing to the other side of the street!

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