tisdag 29 juni 2010

Down shifting

Shifting down to holiday mode...the weekend was spent at the islands. Great weather, great bbq, great company, good music...very enjoyable. Even went for a night swim and it wasn't even cold!

yesterday was super lazy. Finished the day off with two friends and a bottle of rosé wine in the park. Today is a little more active. Had a morning (11 am) work-out, now lunch break, then reading in the park, coffee with a friend and maybe movies tonight.

Should start preparing for painting the next wall. But until then, here's a picture of the first wall, plus the blue chair I'm still in love with.

måndag 21 juni 2010

The review...

Almost forgot to mention, our reviews were good! My and MK's part was one of the things mentioned, the writer said she would've liked to see more of us since we had such good intensity. Cool.

And all that jazz

Once again the weekend was filled with things to appreciate. Friday there was wine and jazz with great company from med school. M was playing and he was brilliant as always.

Saturday we were playing and after our show we went to my place for some wine and then out to see M's band play. They played an awesome set! Also met V, who I haven't seen in a long while. She was very happy because she had scored the top result on the admissions test to the most famous art school here. Very happy for her! Also MK decided he will join us out in the archipelago for midsummer. Totally awesome!! (The after-party at M's place I could have skipped though...)

And to finish the weekend off, my parents popped in on a surprise visit, I wasn't expecting them until today or tomorrow. Good to have them here for a few days.

Today is my last day at work. Starting tomorrow I will be on holidays until aug 9th! Hell yeah! Hope we get some nice weather here soon...should book tickets for Berlin and London soon...

fredag 18 juni 2010

cherries, sunshine, wine, and jazz

This day has all the makings of what could become a perfect friday. I'm up early, which is not something I like, but other than that.

Went to the town market square and got some cherries. Cherries are good. And tonight I'm seeing a good friend for some wine and jazz. Another friend will be one of the people providing the jazz. And the sun is shining. Life feels good today.

torsdag 17 juni 2010

What more can one ask for?

Last night was perfection. We premiered our new show, it went alright. To be completely honest I'm not totally satisfied with the show, but there are some really good stuff in it. Anxiously awaiting the reviews now...don't know if I have the guts to read them...

After the show our whole company went to P&K for some champagne, sauna and BBQ. Good friends, good food, good drinks, feeling so fresh and so clean...That was perfection!

måndag 14 juni 2010

Everyday decision making difficulties

The weekend was awesome! Went to Sweden just for the weekend. Had some great company on the trip and met good old friends while over there. It just always makes me sad that weekends are so short! Would've loved to stay for a few more days...

Also made some new friends which is always nice. Might have to make a trip over to Norway next month.

While the weekend was great and awesome and all it still left me feeling a bit confused. The question in my mind right now is, if something feels good, but you know there is no future, is it ok to just run with it while it lasts and just ignore possible problems it might cause? Or to phrase it in another way, if you don't know what you want, but it feels good right now, do you have to know what you want, can't you just go with it? Right now I'm leaning towards blindly ignoring all possible problems and just go one day at the time and see what happens.

söndag 6 juni 2010

Losing myself

Aawwww eu estou bem feliz! No particular reason. Guess it's just the summer.

Small contradiction here. I keep this blog to visualize the things that make me happy. And right now I feel happy. But I'm a cynical person, I'm not the happy happy joy joy girl. It's difficult sometimes to accept happiness after being cynical about all things. I still am. But at the same time I'm quite happy. It's not the outside, it's the inside.

Still have the blue pic to upload...

tisdag 1 juni 2010

Flowers and hearts and other happy shit

Yeah, totally disregard previous post. Things are in no way complicated, things are perfect. Summer is here, sun is shining, had some guests from Sweden, Australia and Brazil at my place over the weekend. Good times. Great times.

I just feel so at peace with things. E was happy with my work and it means a lot coming from him.

Working on our new production...the schedule is crazy tight, but I think we will pull it together at the end. Actually we don't really have a choice since tickets are already out for sale. But it's all good.

Listening to Petter's "Mikrofonkåt", talk about nostalgic shit!! It's like being back in high school...those were the days. These are the days. Got to stop this now, my happiness is reaching ridiculous levels. Spread some love folks!