torsdag 7 oktober 2010

America, Coca-Cola & Ginsberg

Ah, this is so me, I got my new iPhone 4 today, got to play with it for approximately 4 hours, then I broke it. Dropped it on the floor and the glass broke. Crap! So now I'm without phone...will take it back to the retailer tomorrow, hopefully they can fix it.

But I guess something like this needed to happen since it's been such a good day otherwise, you know, to balance out the karma. Booked flights from Chicago to San Francisco, and from San Francisco to NYC and was very pleasantly surprised to find these flights for a total of 270 euros. It's a bargain I tell ya! So now we have pretty much the whole trip booked! Stockholm-NYC-Chicago-San Fran-NYC-Stockholm with L. I think it's safe to predict that good times will be had! L was with me in Australia earlier this year, so I know she's good travel company. Also managed to set with D that we can stay with her while in Chicago.

We had an after-party here last weekend. On our way home from the club we stopped by a pizza place to get some soda. Of course at that hour it was crowded! Since we didn't feel like waiting for a soda, and since I was the only girl in the company, the guys sent me in, because nobody would get angry at me if I cut in front of someone in the line. I did cut. Told the guy I cut in front of that I'd be quick, just getting a soda. Luckily he was drunk and his logic was not working. He didn't want me to cut in front of him, so he said he would get me the soda. Result = I cut in front of people and get what I want for free. How about that! The after-party then involved listening to a recording of Allen Ginsberg reciting "America" while I fried some bacon for the boys and drinking Coca-Cola with vodka (yuk, I do not recommend that).
Earlier this week, when I was cleaning after the after-party I found a men's sock on my living-room floor. That of course rises the question: "Who leaves with only one sock?"

Aw, but the phone! Keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow, that I can pull this off my home-insurance! But for now, good night, hyvää yötä, god natt, guten nacht, buenas noches, boa noite, bonsoir!

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