söndag 26 september 2010

happy happy joy joy

It's been an absolutely fabulous weekend! Event though I had to work friday night...

On saturday we had a party at a friend's family's farm out in the country side. It's beatiful this time of the year out there, with the leaves changing colors and all. The farm has been in their family for a couple of hundred years and is quite amazing. We had dinner out in one of the smaller buildings, some sort of old shed or barn. Me and E had decorated the place with sunflowers that we picked from one of S's fields. Our host gave a speech before we dug in to the food, and in his speech he told us he got a job in Brussels! I'm so happy for him! It's a great opportunity for him and it couldn't had come at a better time. Only bad thing is of course that he's moving...in January...I will miss him a lot. But it's only for three months to start with. And I'm very happy for him. After the speech we got to eating, and drinking, and singing. Singing is an essential part of a good party if you ask me. M had made us all pannacotta for dessert, super good. The night continued with port wine, sauna, dancing, and talking. I think around 5 am the last ones of us hit the sack. Next morning we woke up to a beautifully sunny day. Even though summer is long gone, the sunshine was warm enough for us to have breakfast out by the pool. I'm really kicking myself for forgetting to bring my camera because it was just so beautiful! The trees with colorful leaves, big turqoise pool, blue sky, crisp air, fields with sunflowers, old red barns, and the big house. After breakfast (which was really served around 12) S drove us back in to town while some of the guys stayed in order to go rabbit hunting.

Today I got more news that has made me beyond happy! C is coming to visit in December!! He lives in Australia and I haven't seen him since March. It's his first time coming to Finland. If things work out the way we are planning he will come in the beginning of December, then we will go to Sweden together and from there he will go to Norway and I'll fly to New York. Very much looking forward to all of this!

I'm so happy right now!

fredag 24 september 2010

goodness gracious

Worked in Espoo today. Thought there would be a train from here to Turku at 22.20 but unfortunately I was wrong! No train until 23.20....so I'm stuck waiting for the train at a local pub. Robbie Williams on the stereo, flashing green and blue lights, local drunk talking to himself, occasionally about me. Bit scary I must say. And there's nothing to eat! Not even nuts or anything! Oh it's a beautiful life I tell ya!

But on a more positive note, booked flights for NYC yesterday! Yay! Departure dec 15th, return jan 1st. Happy to take tips on what to do while in NYC (been there before, so skip the Empire state building, ground zero etc). Also planning short visits to San Fransisco and Chicago while there so tips are welcome on those cities as well. Going there with L. Talked to her today. She's on the Atlantic doing research for one month. Whales and corals today.

Hoping to catch D while in Chicago. Haven't seen her for ten years! TEN freaking years! Don't know how that's even possible.

onsdag 22 september 2010

Sugar and spice and all things nice...and beautiful...and hot

Yet another post from the train. But this time it's different! For some reason the normal train is replaced by this old train. The kind they had when I was a kid. The kind that is barely used anymore. The kind without sockets in the passenger compartments. Luckily my macbook pro works for hours and hours without re-charging.

Last workday for the week. Or actually, not quite, promised to fill in for a friend on friday. But almost anyway. Planning to end this day with some wine at a friends place. She bought a new apartment this summer and is slowly settling in. The location of it is perfect, and the apartment itself adorable as well.

Speaking of friends. It's interesting to sometimes think about them. You know, how some friends you basically just go out and party with, while others are the kind you work out with, and yet again others are the kind you have for engaging in interesting conversations. What your friendship is like depends on what you have in common.

I hardly ever cook at home, but I have a friend, and whenever I see him we cook, either at my place, or his. We hardly ever go out or do anything else, we cook, eat, and talk.

Another friend of mine I only talk to on facebook. Then again he lives in New Zeeland so it's hard to find the time to actually see each other.

One of my friends has very different political views than me, but he has a good sense of humor and can keep up a good conversation. Him I mainly see about once a week for lunch with political discussions.

Then there is K. I don't see him often, but he's by far one of the most important people in my life. The kind of friend you can tell anything and completely trust even though you only see each other once a month, if even that!

Looking at this text it seems I have mainly male friends. Not true, I have very good female friends as well. For example M who is providing the wine and company today. And P! P is awesome! Last time we sat down, we started talking about our friendship. After talking for a little bit we realized our friendship is built on four corner-stones; intelligence, twisted sense of humor, alcohol, and the appreciation of beautiful young men.

Think about it, take anyone of your friends and distinguish which are the corner-stones of your relationship. The results can be quite entertaining.

söndag 19 september 2010

It takes a fool to remain sain

Feeling tired both physically and mentally, but I guess this is one of those things you just have to write about no matter what. Speaking of course of the elections in Sweden. So I'll comment on it and leave it at that.


Where did things go wrong? Why have the people of Sweden chosen a right wing government and let in a racist party in the government? It hurts. The right wingness I can take, even though it is not to my preference, but it's not all bad either. But sverige demokraterna!? For real!

Have to say I'm happy I don't live there anymore. But at the same time worried we will be facing similar problems here come elections....

torsdag 16 september 2010

the female ideal of the Western world is not the only right one...

In the last few days I've been involved in a couple of very heated discussions on the subject of the new law proposed in France that would forbid women from wearing a burqa. It's a tricky question, and I do understand those who see the burqa as problematic in a western society, but I do not agree that the solution is forbidding the use of it. Restricting people from manifesting they're own culture rarely leads to any good. There are, in my opinion, valid arguments for not using burqas, but they are definitely not religious arguments! And I have to say I'm a bit disappointed by the ethnocentric point of view and arguments that many of those I have been discussing with are voicing. A lot has been said about this, and I see no point in re-stating arguments already made, but if you want to broaden your view I suggest you read this (it's in Finnish).

On another point, I was once again today presented with a new theory by my shrink. He thinks I'm too independent and unable to show any weakness and that that is the reason I am alone. I don't make people feel needed. Maybe he's right. But then again, I can't picture myself acting all helpless just to make some guy feel strong and needed. That's pathetic from both aspects. Why do men need a woman to need them in order to feel strong? And why do women regress to helpless children to get a man? Is that equality? I'm not saying it's not, I'm asking, because this is something I have a really hard time understanding. I could go on and on about this, but it's late and I need to get some sleep. A friend from Brazil is visiting and I have the day off tomorrow (as always on Fridays). Boa noite!

fredag 10 september 2010

Art is in the air, everywhere I look around

The sun is shining and it's an absolutely beautiful day!

Free champagne and art last night. That's never wrong. The exhibit itself was...not very consistent. Parts of it were lovely, for example Christina Kubisch's work was very much to my liking, as was Pessi Parviainen's. Kubisch's was very interesting and funny in a weird way, Parviainen's was just so beautiful in its simplicity!

The rest were not bad, but the reason I didn't enjoy them as much was more the space than the work itself. They are sound installations, but they are arranged so that sound from neighbouring installations are disturbing. Also one of my big pet peeves is things that looked poorly executed or un-finished. As in this case, some of the temporary walls and constructions looked like they weren't done yet because the corners weren't painted. These things are really disturbing to me. When I look at art I don't want to be bothered by a construction site.

All in all it was still an exhibit worth visiting, so go see/hear it at Aboa Vetus Ars Nova.

Checked my inbox this morning when I woke up and there was an invitation to a jazz gig on Monday. A friend is playing and I would love to see it, but I get back in town so late I might miss it. But mark my words, this young man is the next big thing in Finnish jazz!

Other than that my plans for today are dropping some clothes off at the flee-market, dog sitting my cousin's friend's dogs as she's getting married today (congrats!) and going to a farewell party for a friend who is leaving for Luxembourg for an internship. Translating stuff. French-Finnish.

torsdag 9 september 2010

everyday life

Dinner and, booking accomodation for NYC and San Fransisco, then art exhibition opening at the modern arts here in Turku.

After that, laundry and dishes...

tisdag 7 september 2010

and all that jazz

Sleeping at the office tonight. Sounds worse than it actually is. It's an old wooden house with all the commodities of a normal home. We have a meeting in the morning so I rather stay here than take the train home, get home at 11pm then take the train next morning at 8am. Lazy and economic.

Crappers, I was supposed to fill out the ESTA form tonight but the ministry obviously closed down the site already. Not fair, it's not until tomorrow there's a charge for getting your permit to visit the States!Oh well...luckily it's not too expensive, 14 $.

The weekend in Stockholm was great! Met up with some old friends from high school. Also had a reunion dinner with my old coaches and friends from my gymnast years. Haven't seen some of them in six years! Only four of us gymnasts made it. Our head coach was pleased to find that all four of us are economists today (she is as well).

In addition, I also managed to visit Moderna Museet. They had a Ed Ruscha exhibit, and it was awesome! His style really pleases my eyes. Had a chance to meet up with mom too. Had a special delivery for her. An egg slicer. Obviously this particular kind is not distributed in Sweden... I don't understand it, but apparently it's very important to have the right egg slicer. We went to see Petit Mal (see below). It was great! I'm really proud of those guys, they know what they're doing. The reviews in Dagens Nyheter and the standing ovations from the crowd are just proof of that.

It's funny how sometimes the more people you surround yourself with, the lonelier you feel.