måndag 18 oktober 2010

Live life while it lasts

I love listening to stories told by those older than me! I have a friend who is about 60 years old. In her youth she used to be a circus artist in Russia. Today she told me the story about how her troupe had been to a remote island outside of the north coast of Russia to perform. On the island was a military station, and all who lived there worked on the station. They had to go there by helicopter and the helicopter couldn't even land, so they all had to be lowered down from the helicopter. And there were polar bear puppies walking around in the village, that people fed. She told me how she was amazed by the amount and quality of fruits they had for the military there. They had fruits you couldn't even get in the markets of Moscow or Saint Petersburg. What a life.

When I get old, I wish I have equally amazing stories to tell people.

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