söndag 31 oktober 2010

Now all I need to do is find a way to justify flying (polluting) as much as I will be doing

It's been one crazy weekend! Not in the sense of insane partying and good times, but in the sense of WORK. Now that's just not right. And I have promised myself not to write about work here. This is where I prove to myself that I do have a life.

Spent Friday night in an old jail, Kakola. Creepy place I tell ya! YLE and some other instances organized a guided tour of this old prison as a Halloween event. I was there performing with a friend. Probably the weirdest place I've ever performed. The prison was taken out of service just two years ago (it's built in the 1800s) and the walls in the cells were still covered with the prisoners' writings. And the isolation cells in the basement, ugh, they seriously gave me the creeps! Good thing one hasn't had to spend more time there.

Saturday night I performed at a theatre here in town. It was fun. Haven't been to any event in a while with people from my field of work. It's very refreshing to from time to time see them. After the show we all stayed at the theatre until late at night (I was the first to leave at 2am) talking about art. It is something I really appreciate, because no matter how much I love my other friends, there is just no way I can have a four hour discussion about art with any one of my non-artist friends. Even if they wanted to. It's just so that if you do not create your self, you will never understand the complexity of art. Not saying that all that is done is good, but it's complex never the less. We are putting our souls out there, revealing everything in front of an audience. And what people think of it is beyond our control. It's not always easy to accept the vulnerability one has to withstand in order to be able to be a performing artist. I know I can't please everybody, yet I'm always a bit sad if somebody doesn't like what I do.

Before this gets all too deep or complicated and boring, lets change the subject! I was on facebook earlier tonight talking to a friend. He's flying in from Brisbane to Paris and he managed to convince me to come to Paris for a weekend before he comes here. 10 minutes of chatting and I bought tickets to Paris. Hah, it's so easy to talk me into doing stuff. So, in December I will be in Stockholm, Paris, NYC, Chicago, and San Francisco. Can't wait!

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