söndag 31 oktober 2010

Now all I need to do is find a way to justify flying (polluting) as much as I will be doing

It's been one crazy weekend! Not in the sense of insane partying and good times, but in the sense of WORK. Now that's just not right. And I have promised myself not to write about work here. This is where I prove to myself that I do have a life.

Spent Friday night in an old jail, Kakola. Creepy place I tell ya! YLE and some other instances organized a guided tour of this old prison as a Halloween event. I was there performing with a friend. Probably the weirdest place I've ever performed. The prison was taken out of service just two years ago (it's built in the 1800s) and the walls in the cells were still covered with the prisoners' writings. And the isolation cells in the basement, ugh, they seriously gave me the creeps! Good thing one hasn't had to spend more time there.

Saturday night I performed at a theatre here in town. It was fun. Haven't been to any event in a while with people from my field of work. It's very refreshing to from time to time see them. After the show we all stayed at the theatre until late at night (I was the first to leave at 2am) talking about art. It is something I really appreciate, because no matter how much I love my other friends, there is just no way I can have a four hour discussion about art with any one of my non-artist friends. Even if they wanted to. It's just so that if you do not create your self, you will never understand the complexity of art. Not saying that all that is done is good, but it's complex never the less. We are putting our souls out there, revealing everything in front of an audience. And what people think of it is beyond our control. It's not always easy to accept the vulnerability one has to withstand in order to be able to be a performing artist. I know I can't please everybody, yet I'm always a bit sad if somebody doesn't like what I do.

Before this gets all too deep or complicated and boring, lets change the subject! I was on facebook earlier tonight talking to a friend. He's flying in from Brisbane to Paris and he managed to convince me to come to Paris for a weekend before he comes here. 10 minutes of chatting and I bought tickets to Paris. Hah, it's so easy to talk me into doing stuff. So, in December I will be in Stockholm, Paris, NYC, Chicago, and San Francisco. Can't wait!

tisdag 26 oktober 2010

Got my phone, but no voice

Wohoo, got a call today, my phone is ready to be picked up! As I might have mentioned, I got an iPhone 4. And broke it. Well, today I'm going to get it back all fixed up, yay! It's funny how things always balance them self out. When I broke the phone I found some really cheap flights (Chicago-San Francisco-NYC) the same day. So there was something to make me happy and something to make me sad.

Today I'm happy I'm getting the phone back, but sad because I have no voice, and instructions from the doctor to not even try to speak for at least two days.

Yes, though constantly changing, the universe is always in balance.

fredag 22 oktober 2010


I often get this feeling. That I'm not in the moment. I'm doing something, but my thoughts are already at the next thing coming. I'm always waiting for something. And to be quite honest, I don't know what I'm waiting for. Just something. Anything that will shake me up and rock my world.

On few instances I have caught myself just being right in the moment, and those are moments of complete satisfaction and happiness. Those are moments where I wouldn't change anything.

Right now I'm waiting. For something to happen. For a reason to get dressed and go out. Even though I have plenty to do here at home as well. Luckily H called, going out to have a late lunch with her.

onsdag 20 oktober 2010

She's 9 years old. How about that.

Saw this first on Black Cherry. Can't help it but it's just so freaking catchy! But I have to admit it feels a bit weird hearing a nine year old sing "whip it real good".

Should've known better

All the signs were clearly visible. But still I just had to go in! Had lunch at a small sushi place in Espoo. There were two strollers on the street just outside the restaurant. And I still went in! What's wrong with me? I had to literally CLIMB over three kids, all under the age of 4, to even get in to the place! God damn! I don't hate kids, but I'm not a huge fan either (except friends' and relatives' kids) but I am strongly of the opinion that if your children do not know how to behave in a restaurant you shouldn't bring them there! These kids were playing in the door-way all through my lunch, shouting and being all loud and what not... They were there with their moms, two moms, 5 kids. And you should've seen the table they sat at once they left!! It was a terrible mess, food all over the table and on the floor around the table. Seriously, in my opinion, that is very VERY selfish!! Yes you have a right to go out and eat even if you have kids, BUT all others also have a right to enjoy their meal in peace and quiet. This means that if your kids do not have any sense of how to behave in a public place you owe it to the other guests to remove yourself and your kids from that place. Go home, teach your kids how to behave and let people enjoy a lunch without food flying around and kids running around and screaming.

From now on, if I see even one stroller outside a café or restaurant I'm crossing to the other side of the street!

måndag 18 oktober 2010

Live life while it lasts

I love listening to stories told by those older than me! I have a friend who is about 60 years old. In her youth she used to be a circus artist in Russia. Today she told me the story about how her troupe had been to a remote island outside of the north coast of Russia to perform. On the island was a military station, and all who lived there worked on the station. They had to go there by helicopter and the helicopter couldn't even land, so they all had to be lowered down from the helicopter. And there were polar bear puppies walking around in the village, that people fed. She told me how she was amazed by the amount and quality of fruits they had for the military there. They had fruits you couldn't even get in the markets of Moscow or Saint Petersburg. What a life.

When I get old, I wish I have equally amazing stories to tell people.

söndag 17 oktober 2010

Sometimes it's good to be wrong

Soooo, that party last friday. I survived it. I even had a good time. Honestly. I don't think everybody there exactly liked me, but it's ok. There were at least a few people who seemed very nice, so why bother about the rest.

I have a French exam coming up on Tuesday, so other than that party on Friday night, my weekend has been rather eventless. And to make things even better, I checked my calendar today and realized I have a meeting at work on Tuesday, so I can't take the exam. Someone might say that makes all the reading I did in vain, but I disagree, now I'm up to date with that course! Very much so.

Other than all that school and work and what not, everyday life stuff, I've been thinking a lot about love lately. Without any grand results.

söndag 10 oktober 2010

Now how am I gonna be able to sleep tonight?

Quite flattering this article here about my present home-town.

Other than that, my hands are shaking because I'm watching the episode of Grey's Anatomy where that crazy shooter is in the hospital. Scary shit!

lördag 9 oktober 2010

Stepping over to the dark side

So last night didn't exactly go as planned. Me and L were on our way to V's birthday-party. About half way there we realized it's a super long walk, and since it wasn't exactly in the center there were no taxis around. So we turned back and ended up going to the circus were we drank the bottle we'd bought for V and tried out the new trampoline. Not bad after all.

I promised myself that this year I will make an effort to socialize more at school, since last year I was hardly there at all, just working all the time. The problem is I have a lot of prejudice against the people I go to school with. I know it's stupid and that I shouldn't be so judgmental. I also know that the fact that somebody has different moral standards and opinions than me doesn't mean they are bad people. So, I'm making an effort. Today I registered for a party next weekend. You know, the typical student party; dinner, drinks, singing, socializing etc. These parties always come with a theme and the theme for this one is recession/luxury. This means there will be two tables, one recession table and one luxury table. When you register you choose which one you want to sit at. Of course there is a difference in price, and that will also be visible in the foods served at the different tables. Of course I had to choose the recession table. I'm sure this will make for an interesting evening.

torsdag 7 oktober 2010

America, Coca-Cola & Ginsberg

Ah, this is so me, I got my new iPhone 4 today, got to play with it for approximately 4 hours, then I broke it. Dropped it on the floor and the glass broke. Crap! So now I'm without phone...will take it back to the retailer tomorrow, hopefully they can fix it.

But I guess something like this needed to happen since it's been such a good day otherwise, you know, to balance out the karma. Booked flights from Chicago to San Francisco, and from San Francisco to NYC and was very pleasantly surprised to find these flights for a total of 270 euros. It's a bargain I tell ya! So now we have pretty much the whole trip booked! Stockholm-NYC-Chicago-San Fran-NYC-Stockholm with L. I think it's safe to predict that good times will be had! L was with me in Australia earlier this year, so I know she's good travel company. Also managed to set with D that we can stay with her while in Chicago.

We had an after-party here last weekend. On our way home from the club we stopped by a pizza place to get some soda. Of course at that hour it was crowded! Since we didn't feel like waiting for a soda, and since I was the only girl in the company, the guys sent me in, because nobody would get angry at me if I cut in front of someone in the line. I did cut. Told the guy I cut in front of that I'd be quick, just getting a soda. Luckily he was drunk and his logic was not working. He didn't want me to cut in front of him, so he said he would get me the soda. Result = I cut in front of people and get what I want for free. How about that! The after-party then involved listening to a recording of Allen Ginsberg reciting "America" while I fried some bacon for the boys and drinking Coca-Cola with vodka (yuk, I do not recommend that).
Earlier this week, when I was cleaning after the after-party I found a men's sock on my living-room floor. That of course rises the question: "Who leaves with only one sock?"

Aw, but the phone! Keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow, that I can pull this off my home-insurance! But for now, good night, hyvää yötä, god natt, guten nacht, buenas noches, boa noite, bonsoir!

fredag 1 oktober 2010

Oh it's such a perfect day...

Working from my home office today, in other words, my bed. Booking flights, checking book-keeping and compiling applications on today's agenda.

I have this insane craving for bacon. Had it since last night. Don't know what's up with that! Maybe I'll go by some, have to mail a letter anyway...

Tonight there's a roda and after that sauna, wine, and cheese at a friends place. Looking forward to that very much! But have to take it a bit easy since I promised to give an acrobatics class tomorrow at the university.

I had a gig yesterday. First one in quite a long time. It went surprisingly well and it led to some more gigs in the near future.

The sun is shining and things are good! Friday!