tisdag 25 maj 2010

when did things get complicated?

It's been an eventful couple of days. Saw the graduation shows. Some were good, some were amazing and inspiring. All and all, very good work, just what I needed, haven't seen any circus in a while.

Also managed to paint one of the walls in my livingroom. It's perfect, will post a picture soon.

And also, I've managed to get myself in a potentially awkward situation. This one guy, we will call him the artist, called me last night and asked if I would have lunch with him today. I don't know him very well, he's more a friend of a friend but I agreed to lunch. He's just visiting here and hadn't really slept at all last night so when I told him I was going to work he asked if he could stay at my place and take a nap. No problem. The problem is that I don't know if he's intending to stay the night. Or, sure he can stay the night, there's room, but since I don't know him that well I can't really tell if he just needs a place to crash or if he's actually hitting on me. I'm afraid he is hitting. And since this other guy, we'll call him L (for Lover) is coming tomorrow this might turn tricky. Guess easiest way out is just telling it like it is, that he can stay the night but that's it, no hanky panky.

And to complicate matters even further, talked to Mr Q last night. He split up with his girlfriend and is coming to visit on saturday. Knowing our history this is not good...how'd I get myself in such a mess??

lördag 22 maj 2010

good stuff

First and foremost this blog is for me. I write about things I do that I like because when I read this I want to remember what's good in my life, not the bad stuff. It's too easy to focus on the negative so lets not.

For the same reason I don't like to write about work here. It's not important in the bigger picture.

Tonight I'm going to see the graduating circus students do their final shows. Looking forward to it very much! After that I need to go home to take a nap, prepare for tomorrow (bought paint for the livingroom) and maybe go out. Probably go out. Most likely go out =)

torsdag 20 maj 2010

Ridiculously happy...

That's what I am. So happy I'm almost worried my cynical sarkasm might be loosing ground...

Aaaahhhh I absolutely love the smell of sun-screen! It smells like summer and I love love love it! We've had this amazing heat wave for the last week or so, almost 30 degrees celsius everyday! It's so awesome! That combined with the days just getting longer and longer equals me very happy.

Went out last night. Had a great time. M is back in business which is super! He's been out of the picture for a couple of months just stressing over school auditions. Now they are over, he did well and we're keeping our fingers crossed for him. He so deserves to get in! But I'm glad the auditions are over and he's back to his old self. The afterparty was at his place last night (it's usually either that or my place). It was fabulous. We sat out in his garden in the middle of the night, around 2am and M played the saxophone for us. He played a short piece he had composed earlier that day. I think we might have woken some neighbours up...but the music was beatiful so they probably didn'n mind. But it was perfect. Imagine, a group of four good friends, one of the first warm summer nights, a bottle of champagne, a sax solo with birds twittering in the background...aahhh...perfection!

My livingroom painting project is progressing, today I measured my walls and was planning to go buy the paint, but the weather was so nice that I ended up spending almost all day at one of the riverboats with my cousin. Tomorrow I'll go buy the paint first thing in the morning! Then I'm off to the pool for some chilling. Not a bad start for the weekend.

måndag 17 maj 2010

The Eye

As I told you, it's pretty bad...looking forward for when it starts turning green and yellow...

lördag 15 maj 2010

Still blue

God, I can't stand people who initiate group hugs! I don't know what it is that bothers me so much about it, but it's just sooo ridiculous and it makes me want to puke.

My blue period is still going strong, found the perfect shade for my livingroom, now I just need the time to paint. Also bought two chairs with blue seats and backs. I'll show you soon, they're gourgeous! My eye is also blue. And not as in "I have blue eyes", it's the area under my eye, it's purple and blue. Not so gourgeous...

Went to the theatre last night. It was kind of spur of the moment. Hadn't planned going, but I happened to talk to a friend who was going, and it was the last time the theatre was showing that particular play, and I had the night off from work so why not. And apparently I wasn't the only one who was having a night off, bumped in to seven friends at the theatre. That might be a record, considering it was a childrens' play. Ended up going out with the cast of the play later that night. It was fun. Waking up this morning when my chairs were being delivered wasn't quite as fun though.

måndag 10 maj 2010


I'm defenitely having a blue period right now. But it's not just any blue that will do, it's the bright blue of the sky on a cloudless sunny day. Planning to paint my livingroom blue. It'll be great.

...then if I could only find that pink leather couch...

I'm thinking I'll have time to paint the walls in June. Can hardly wait! Maybe I should let you see it once it's done?

The big dilemma for today is what to do tonight - invite a friend over and enjoy a bottle of red wine, or go out running? I'm hoping I'll have energy for the running once I get home because I'm in such awful shape right now, something needs to be done about it!

fredag 7 maj 2010

Inspiration, please!

Being creative on demand is not the easiest thing. Especially when you lack time. Sometimes I need an empty gym and several hours just working alone and trying things out to be able to create something. Other times I might get inspired by the shape of a chair, or the noice of the city, or the pattern of side-walk plates. Sitting on a train or bur also tends to inspire me, maybe it's the notion of being on your way somewhere, or maybe it's just the fact that it's a quiet moment to yourself. But what I still need to learn, is to write things down!! I should write everything down, whenever I think of something but I don't...I convince myself I will still remember it when I get home...but I don't...

Tomorrow I'm going to watch and give feed-back on three different performances by teenagers. I wish to be inspired, and I dread hurting the young ones by being too constructive or harsh...

tisdag 4 maj 2010

Clowns without borders

foto: Alex Hinchcliffe

I suppose most people have heard about "Doctors without borders", but how many of you knew there is also an NGO called "Clowns without borders"?
There is, and I went to see one of their show/presentations yesterday and was truly moved by their stories. If you happen to be around Helsinki or Stockholm this or the following week I suggest you check them out.



I've always had a thing for clowns...they are so hot in their own weird tragicomic way. So humane and vulnerable and strong at the same time. Much love to all the clowns out there!

måndag 3 maj 2010

collecting experience

I've also realized I am no longer 19. Staying awake all night every week looking for inspiration, a good time, something more, something more, always something more, something bigger and better, something that will make me feel alive is not as easy as it once was.

I have dark circles under my eyes. They weren't there when I was 19. I guess that is what aging, staying awake, and emotional base jumping does to your face.


I guess it's now appropriate to say that spring really has arrived. Finally! How I've waited! I absolutely love this time of the year.

Went out this weekend. Ended up at a small, intimate after party. Just four people. One law student, one med student and one business school student, and me. Hah, who does not belong in this picture? At some point of the night we realized that nobody there knew more than one of the other people there. Somehow we had all assumed that everybody else already knew each other. Best part of the after party would have to be the next morning when one of the guys made the rest of us breakfast, salad, oranges, grapefruit, bacon, fresh bread..delicious! It made for a little pic nic on the livingroom floor.

Now I'm thinking about going to see a small play tonight by four clowns. It could be fun.