tisdag 4 januari 2011


Second night of no sleep. This is driving me crazy! Slept from 11pm to 1am, been awake since then and it's now 7.30am. This is no good! Argh!

måndag 3 januari 2011

Stupid jetlag messing up my sleep..

See now that's what you get! First I have a night of 17 hours of sleep, and now I've had a night of zero hours of sleep. Great! Now I just have to try to stay awake until at least 9pm in order to try to get my rythm back in sync with the local time. Never had these kind of problems with jetlag. It sucks.

söndag 2 januari 2011

Worst flight ever!

Finally made it to Stockholm. Have to say though, one of the most unpleasant flights I've ever been on. I totally understand why Delta is so cheap! And sorry Delta, but I will not be flying with you again.

Where to start? First off, after waiting by the runway for one hour we get an announcement saying we will be returning to the terminal since some kid on the plane is sick and will not be able to fly. Well, all sympathy for the kid, of course, but come on!! What were his parents and the flight personnel thinking even taking him on the plane?? Two hour delay thanks to this.

Second, movie starts, but of course I have to be in the one seat where the headphones are not working. And to make matters worse, it's my second consecutive time flying with Delta that this happens to me. No more Delta!

Third. Right behind us are two Swedish couples, one younger and one older. They bond. very loudly. Over several glasses of wine. See now I think it's perfectly appropriate to talk to the people sitting next to you, but there is just something wrong when all I can hear are these four people! Everybody else manages to talk in a tone of voice that doesn't carry across the whole friggin plane! And to make matters worse (again) these people are stupid!! Stupid stupid stupid!! They are under the impression that they are all very mondane and well travelled people. I disagree. They keep talking about how one should avoid the typical tourist traps like Times Square etc etc... Even though I don't think that particular square deserves a lot of time I still think it's well worth visiting. As are many other "touristy" places. Also, they seem to think they know stuff they know nothing about, for example ground zero. According to these people, and I quote, "they are building a muslim synag...err...church on ground zero". Do your research people!! By the time they start joking loudly about airplane security and crashing and these kinds of things (I'm travelling with a friend who's afraid of flying) I finally turn around and ask them to be more considerate of people around them and shut up!! The lights are already out since it's an overnighter. People are trying to sleep. Argh! They do quiet down a bit although making fun of me (I don't mind, I can take it although it's absolutely ridiculous).

After this we hit some really bad turbulence. I don't enjoy turbulence but this time I almost liked it because it finally shut the people behind us up completely.

I think I got about two hours of sleep. Upon landing in Stockholm there was a delay at the passport control check. Don't know what was up with that. Anyway, this all led to me missing my train and now I'm enjoying the latter part of a two hour wait for the next train.

I need sleep. Hoping to get some on the train.