tisdag 20 juli 2010

Turku Modern

Turku Modern took place last weekend. The plan was to see as much of it as possible, but of course things never go as planned, and that's usually a good thing. After having dinner with my parents, aunt, cousin plus her boyfriend and a friend T and I went to Blanko. The place was packed so we were lucky to get a table! After just a few minutes these three guys asked if they could join us since there were no available tables. Of course we said yes since they seemed nice enough. Not long after one of them went to the bar and came back with a bottle of champagne and five glasses. They were going to the same gig we were going to so we decided to go together. The glasses just kept being filled up and drinks were carried to the table continuosly. A friend of mine, and a friend of the guys we shared our table with joined us before we left.

We went to see Villa Nah,and it was awesome!!!

Also, I have to say, guys with freckles are just the hottest thing ever. EVER!

måndag 19 juli 2010

it's just skin!

I have been reflecting over this one thing lately. Or actually several. But this is only about one of them. Or ok, two.

Anyway, the first thing is, I've noticed women here (Finland) tend to wear sleeveless summer dresses with a t-shirt underneath. Why on earth do they do that? It looks so stupid! Sleeveless dresses are sleeveless for a reason! If you don't feel comfortable wearing them, then don't buy them, it's an insult to the dress! In some sense I understand why this happens, the summer here is so short and we are not as used to baring skin as people in warmer places. But still! It looks awful! Don't do it!

Second, where do you draw the line? What is cheating? (And no, I'm not cheating, I can't since I'm single, I just started to think about it. It's really tricky once you start thinking.)

torsdag 15 juli 2010

hot hot heat

This heat wave, wow, I love it! Only problem is how hot it also gets inside when you live in a country with houses that are built to stand extreme cold, like -20 degrees celsius. Out doors club tonight at the museum, it's a must if you are in town!

I realized this blog looks quite boring since there are hardly any photos...so here's one from midsummer. I love it, it looks so summery.

lördag 10 juli 2010

The past revisited

They say the pro's party on sundays. I know what they mean. I've been working some in the restaurant/night club business a few years, and that crowd parties on sundays.

Not long ago I went out on a sunday. Just to have a few glasses of wine with an old friend who I used to work with. Somehow we ended up at a bar. It was completely crowded and after hitting the bar we were a bit concerned wether or not we would find a place to sit...luckily we found a table at the very center that was full of old friends and co-workers! They invited us to join them and so we did. At some point my friend commented that "this is nice, I remember three years ago when I used to go out on sundays, it feels just like back then, same people, same bar". And she was very right. It was like visiting the past. There was a time when I used to hang out with this group of people more regularly. But even though I still like them, and still have a good time whenever I see them, I've moved on. But for that night, visiting my past was a good time. And, actually same goes for thursday night...that was seriously visiting the past! It also made me understand why it is the past and not the present. But it was nice.

måndag 5 juli 2010

Being single

This is something I've been giving a lot of thought through out the years. About being single, that is. I'm 28, and for most of my life I've been single. There has been one relationship that can be considered more serious, but other than that, nothing! Well, dating of course, but nothing that has led to anything more serious than a few months of dating.

I'm wondering why this is so? I'm not complaining, because I rather enjoy being single. It has a lot of perks. For example I can do whatever I want, go where ever I want, be with who ever I want, and when ever I want. The freedom when being single is something I really value. Also I don't have to make compromises about anything, I get all the closet space, I get to choose the colors of the walls etc.

But as the norm in today's society is that of twosomeness (is that even a word) it makes me wonder, is there something wrong with me? I have been attracted, and had flings that I would've hoped had led to something more, so it's not like I'm against being in a relationship. So what's the problem? Why am I not succeeding in finding someone I want to be with and who wants to be with me?

I'm no super-model, but I look good. I'm athletic and not very big. I have plenty of guy friends who seem to like my company, so that leads me to the conclusion that there isn't really anything severely wrong with my personality either. I just don't get it!

I had a discussion about this with a friend of mine, who in this sense is very much like me. Her response was that she thinks we are both missing some sort of girlfriend-gene. Could that be? We are both quite goal-oriented, in the beginning of what will become great careers in what are considered high status jobs, funny, smart, good looking and confident. Those are pretty much the same qualities that I personnally would want in a partner, yet we are both single, and have been for quite some while.

In the meanwhile, I see couples where the girlfriends are very demanding, naging, complaining, restricting, and insecure (yes, there are exceptions). Is that what guys want?? Can it be?? If so, why?

Somebody please explain to me!