tisdag 27 december 2011

I'm bringing some peppers, and chili, and salt...

Oslo is now behind and I'm moving back to Finland. Before that though, I am spending some time in Sweden.

But, before we leave Oslo for good I must update you on what went down during the last week or so there.

Christmas party at the embassy. Great success! I got the embassador to perform a bridge. Wearing a dress. I'm very proud of myself.

Going away party at my place. Great success! Even some international drama going on there. Nothing major though. We stayed at my place until 4 am and ended the party by having a pic nic consisting of, um...french fries and turkish pepper shots on my livingroom floor. That is truly a crowd I will miss. Luckily some of them are flying over for my birthday next month!

Sweden is crazy. Or the weather is. No snow. Just windy as hell!! About ten of our trees went down last night because of the storm. Guess we are lucky it wasn't anyone of those closest to the house.

New years is coming up and this year I've made no plans for it. Therefore I was very happy today when I got an invitation to dinner and party at a friend's place in Stockholm. Me and a bunch of Stockholmian lawers, its got disaster written all over it! Got to love it! The invitation actually said they need me to spice things up. All I can say is be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it...

fredag 16 december 2011

No time to write, too busy partying

It is a bit hectic, last days in Oslo.

Went to some fancy party thing a few weeks back, ended up at gay club with Norwegian politician and some photographer who disagreed on my view of art. Good times were had by all (except the photographer).

Christmas party with friends. We sang christmas songs in Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Spanish, and Chinese. We are so internationally fabulous. Good times were had by all.

Christmas dinner at boss's place. He cooked a five course dinner for us. I was impressed.

Still to come:
Christmas party at the embassy tonight.
Going away party at my place tomorrow night.