söndag 26 september 2010

happy happy joy joy

It's been an absolutely fabulous weekend! Event though I had to work friday night...

On saturday we had a party at a friend's family's farm out in the country side. It's beatiful this time of the year out there, with the leaves changing colors and all. The farm has been in their family for a couple of hundred years and is quite amazing. We had dinner out in one of the smaller buildings, some sort of old shed or barn. Me and E had decorated the place with sunflowers that we picked from one of S's fields. Our host gave a speech before we dug in to the food, and in his speech he told us he got a job in Brussels! I'm so happy for him! It's a great opportunity for him and it couldn't had come at a better time. Only bad thing is of course that he's moving...in January...I will miss him a lot. But it's only for three months to start with. And I'm very happy for him. After the speech we got to eating, and drinking, and singing. Singing is an essential part of a good party if you ask me. M had made us all pannacotta for dessert, super good. The night continued with port wine, sauna, dancing, and talking. I think around 5 am the last ones of us hit the sack. Next morning we woke up to a beautifully sunny day. Even though summer is long gone, the sunshine was warm enough for us to have breakfast out by the pool. I'm really kicking myself for forgetting to bring my camera because it was just so beautiful! The trees with colorful leaves, big turqoise pool, blue sky, crisp air, fields with sunflowers, old red barns, and the big house. After breakfast (which was really served around 12) S drove us back in to town while some of the guys stayed in order to go rabbit hunting.

Today I got more news that has made me beyond happy! C is coming to visit in December!! He lives in Australia and I haven't seen him since March. It's his first time coming to Finland. If things work out the way we are planning he will come in the beginning of December, then we will go to Sweden together and from there he will go to Norway and I'll fly to New York. Very much looking forward to all of this!

I'm so happy right now!

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