fredag 24 september 2010

goodness gracious

Worked in Espoo today. Thought there would be a train from here to Turku at 22.20 but unfortunately I was wrong! No train until I'm stuck waiting for the train at a local pub. Robbie Williams on the stereo, flashing green and blue lights, local drunk talking to himself, occasionally about me. Bit scary I must say. And there's nothing to eat! Not even nuts or anything! Oh it's a beautiful life I tell ya!

But on a more positive note, booked flights for NYC yesterday! Yay! Departure dec 15th, return jan 1st. Happy to take tips on what to do while in NYC (been there before, so skip the Empire state building, ground zero etc). Also planning short visits to San Fransisco and Chicago while there so tips are welcome on those cities as well. Going there with L. Talked to her today. She's on the Atlantic doing research for one month. Whales and corals today.

Hoping to catch D while in Chicago. Haven't seen her for ten years! TEN freaking years! Don't know how that's even possible.

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