tisdag 7 september 2010

and all that jazz

Sleeping at the office tonight. Sounds worse than it actually is. It's an old wooden house with all the commodities of a normal home. We have a meeting in the morning so I rather stay here than take the train home, get home at 11pm then take the train next morning at 8am. Lazy and economic.

Crappers, I was supposed to fill out the ESTA form tonight but the ministry obviously closed down the site already. Not fair, it's not until tomorrow there's a charge for getting your permit to visit the States!Oh well...luckily it's not too expensive, 14 $.

The weekend in Stockholm was great! Met up with some old friends from high school. Also had a reunion dinner with my old coaches and friends from my gymnast years. Haven't seen some of them in six years! Only four of us gymnasts made it. Our head coach was pleased to find that all four of us are economists today (she is as well).

In addition, I also managed to visit Moderna Museet. They had a Ed Ruscha exhibit, and it was awesome! His style really pleases my eyes. Had a chance to meet up with mom too. Had a special delivery for her. An egg slicer. Obviously this particular kind is not distributed in Sweden... I don't understand it, but apparently it's very important to have the right egg slicer. We went to see Petit Mal (see below). It was great! I'm really proud of those guys, they know what they're doing. The reviews in Dagens Nyheter and the standing ovations from the crowd are just proof of that.

It's funny how sometimes the more people you surround yourself with, the lonelier you feel.

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