måndag 3 maj 2010


I guess it's now appropriate to say that spring really has arrived. Finally! How I've waited! I absolutely love this time of the year.

Went out this weekend. Ended up at a small, intimate after party. Just four people. One law student, one med student and one business school student, and me. Hah, who does not belong in this picture? At some point of the night we realized that nobody there knew more than one of the other people there. Somehow we had all assumed that everybody else already knew each other. Best part of the after party would have to be the next morning when one of the guys made the rest of us breakfast, salad, oranges, grapefruit, bacon, fresh bread..delicious! It made for a little pic nic on the livingroom floor.

Now I'm thinking about going to see a small play tonight by four clowns. It could be fun.

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