torsdag 20 maj 2010

Ridiculously happy...

That's what I am. So happy I'm almost worried my cynical sarkasm might be loosing ground...

Aaaahhhh I absolutely love the smell of sun-screen! It smells like summer and I love love love it! We've had this amazing heat wave for the last week or so, almost 30 degrees celsius everyday! It's so awesome! That combined with the days just getting longer and longer equals me very happy.

Went out last night. Had a great time. M is back in business which is super! He's been out of the picture for a couple of months just stressing over school auditions. Now they are over, he did well and we're keeping our fingers crossed for him. He so deserves to get in! But I'm glad the auditions are over and he's back to his old self. The afterparty was at his place last night (it's usually either that or my place). It was fabulous. We sat out in his garden in the middle of the night, around 2am and M played the saxophone for us. He played a short piece he had composed earlier that day. I think we might have woken some neighbours up...but the music was beatiful so they probably didn'n mind. But it was perfect. Imagine, a group of four good friends, one of the first warm summer nights, a bottle of champagne, a sax solo with birds twittering in the background...aahhh...perfection!

My livingroom painting project is progressing, today I measured my walls and was planning to go buy the paint, but the weather was so nice that I ended up spending almost all day at one of the riverboats with my cousin. Tomorrow I'll go buy the paint first thing in the morning! Then I'm off to the pool for some chilling. Not a bad start for the weekend.

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