fredag 30 april 2010

to be or not to be...on stage

Oh the decadence...How I've missed you! Sometimes all you need is good music, sunshine, brunch, and the memories of last night to feel happy.

I was out a couple of nights ago, and by coincidence the actor who plays the male lead in Anna Karenina was in the same company. I guess we were about ten people, all actors, jugglers or acrobats, except for a friend of mine who is a med student. I hope she didn't feel out of place. The entire night was spent at one table, glasses were constantly filled up and discussions circled around performing arts in general. Intense. I told the actor that I went to see him play on monday, which of course was a mistake. Or not. But naturally that led him to ask what I thought about the play, and since I know I'm not a good liar I told what I thought of it, good and bad. But that's how it is, if you don't want my opinions, don't ask for them! And I also think that it's important to be able to both receive and give constructive critisism in our field of work. Luckily the actor belonged to the group that knows how to take it. Not all do.
I guess the urge to be on stage comes from some kind of egoistic need for attention...which makes many performers quite contradictive. They are extremely confident in one way, being able to be in front of people and having the focus on them, yet at the same time many are very insecure and take reviews and critisism very personally.
Tonight I'm throwing a party at my place, see you there perhaps...

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