onsdag 31 augusti 2011

Waiting for...?

Tonight is my last night at J's couch! To celebrate this I'm cooking dinner for her and setting the table in time for when she gets home from work. It's going to be great to have a room of my own (even though it is the tiniest little room ever!) but at the same time the thought of not seeing J every day and exchanging daily news with her feels a bit strange, I've grown so used to it during this month. And even though she keeps telling me it is no problem having me there I feel happy to be able to allow her some more privacy by moving out. She is great and I hope to be able to return this favor some day.

Had a group of about 20 design/photography/illustration students here a few minutes ago. Gave them a tour of our current exhibition and there was one guy who was so incredibly handsome it made my knees weak! Now I have to run to each and every opening in the hopes of running in to him again...

Really looking forward to this weekend, lots of fun stuff in store! Friday there is a release-party for a world-music festival I'm probably going to and on Saturday my new flatmates and I are having a little get-together at our flat.

It's nice to have some social activities planned, up until now it has been mostly work and practice for me. Took two classes on Monday, one yesterday, today I'm resting and on tomorrow there will be one more class before the weekend. Hopefully these social activities will lead to more things to report here, it's been kind of dull these last few entries...I know... And no pictures... well here is one now, and I promise to keep them coming more often from now on!

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