lördag 6 augusti 2011

Childhood revisited

Oh my god, the Norwegian men are incredibly handsome! I've got a 4 hour shift at the gallery today, and all I can say is THANK YOU for these huge windows!! I mean, I've already seen the exhibition so now I'll just spend 4 hours watching the beautiful men walk by my window, aw...

Oh, and how is this for coincidence, heard from a good friend of mine that her brother is also in town!! I mean, I've known him since I was 12 (that makes 17 years now), we grew up in the same city in Sweden, and now we are living in the same city in Norway. He was my boyfriend for about two weeks when we were 12, and he's the first guy I've ever kissed. Like really kissed. I can still remember it, we were sitting on my bed and he kissed me and I remember thinking it was very slimy. Those were the days of innocence lost. Anyway, he is coming by the gallery later today. I haven't seen him since 2008.

It is funny how despite the globalization and despite how easy it is to access anything or anyone anywhere in the world, life (or faith, or the universe or whatever else you choose to believe in) spins you around the same circles. It makes me wonder how much is predestined and how much of what has happened in my life has been by my own choice.

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