torsdag 11 augusti 2011


A man just walked by the gallery singing! Despite all that has gone down in this city and country recently my notion remains, that Norwegians are an extraordinarily happy people. And handsome too. Ah.

Today I will sign a contract for a room, I finally have a home in Oslo! Unfortunately though, I still do not have a bed or any other furniture, so I think this means a few more nights on my friend's couch. It's quite a big apartment that I'm moving in to, and I will have three flatmates; a guy from Sweden, a guy from Spain, and a guy from Mexico. So far I've only met the one from Sweden and he seemed rather nice. A bit on the shy side, but nice.

The advantage of guys instead of girls as flatmates is that the bathroom won't be as crowded. Also, they might bring home their (hopefully good-looking) friends...

I'll try to get some pictures here soon of the room!

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