måndag 1 augusti 2011

turning the page

On my way to Oslo now. Stopping at my parents place since they will drive me rest of the way. Feelings are very mixed, excited about all the new stuff ahead and at the same time a bit melancholic thinking of all the wonderful people I'm leaving behind. But I know it is not forever.

Yesterday almost made me want to stay in Finland. M texted to see if I would have time to see him one last time before I leave. I guess I will be forever confused when it comes to him, but I like to think that even though we are only friends right now, sometime in the future we will be more. There just has to be something there, it cannot be all in my head! He took me down to the river and we had ice-cream and he played the saxophone for me. It felt very special and I could have stayed there forever.

But, no M until March, time to focus on the present and enjoy this new adventure that lies ahead! Oslo...what will you give me? I wait in anticipation!

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