fredag 26 augusti 2011

still in the waitingroom

Yesterday morning I had to run to the tram as usual. Don't know why leaving in time is so freaking difficult, but it is. Started practicing again this week and muscles have been sore all week, so the running-to-the-tram morning exercise is really not necessary right now. It hurts.

I have never been a morning-person but I have to say, these tram rides to work are making my mornings so much more enjoyable! Every morning there are at least a few incredibly good looking men to look at. Yesterday one of them sat next to me and he smelled so good, unlike anything I have ever felt before! Hope to run in to him again some morning...

Not so much gossip wise to report...still kind of finding my own place in this new environment and establishing myself so to speak. Looking forward to getting to know new people and making new friends.

A couple of nights ago I went to an event organized by Bianco and ELLE magazine. There was a small speech about this season's trends, shoes shoes shoes, some food and LOTS of sparkling wine! Unfortunately I had an appointment after the event, otherwise it could have turned in to a real party! Oh, and goodie-bags of course! Got some hairspray from Aussie, some chocolate, nail-polish, lipgloss, magazines and some soda. It was nice. I like getting stuff for free.

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