lördag 2 april 2011

What's next?

I think no news is bad news, at least now....sigh...had my hopes up for a job position I had applied for...
Monday I have my next interview for a possibly interesting position so keep your fingers crossed for me! Please?
But there are at least some good news, a good friend of mine got the internship she applied for with World Health Organization!! I have so many talented and ambitious friends that I'm considering putting together a totally invincible team for future world domination.

I pulled a muscle yesterday in my abs. Turning hurts, getting up hurts, laughing hurts, even breathing hurts. Despite that I was at a refugee center today to give a capoeira class. It was really nice and I hope they will want us to do it again.

Tonight the plan is to go see a circus performance. It is a work-in-progress piece so it will be very interesting. Also interesting is the person I'm going with. He's not a regular culture consumer. I always enjoy exposing people who don't regularly consume art or culture to these events. Hopefully he will like it. If not I at least really appreciate his open-mindedness to try something new, that means (in my opinion) that he's not all bad.

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