fredag 8 april 2011

Riginal kauboi stail

I love this scarf! It's from
Bellibelli. Got this scarf as a token of appreciation after a project we did together. If you want to see more you should check out Turku Design Week in May.

I'm starting to realize the disadvantages of having my favorite people spread out across the country, and the world for that sake. It makes it hard to find enjoyable company at my present location. Ended up joining a bunch of law students tonight. A good friend of mine studies law. She's also in business school, such an over-achiever! Anyway, she's insane. She introduced me to two of her friends, first one she presented to me with the words "watch out for that ugly midget" (yes he heard it, yes it was intentional, and no, he's not a midget), the second one she introduced to me as the worlds's biggest whore (also a guy, and yes, he heard it, and no, he did not object). When people ask me if we are friends I usually tell them no, she's just paying me to hang out with her. Anyway, good times were had by all.

Now time for some sleep. Tomorrow I'll see what my abs think of working out, pulled them last week in practice and there is a knot in them now. You can feel it, right below my ribs. It's kinda gross. But I guess it'll go away eventually.

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