måndag 26 april 2010

There you go Dr Freud, what do you think?

I had just the weirdest dream about vampires last night. Too weird and too long to give you a full recap, but the two weirdest things in the dream was that the vampires had divided the vampire kids into two lines. In one line was the healthy, fully developed ones, and in the other line were all the vampire kids with some form of malformation. They were divided because the vampire community wanted to keep the breed strong and healthy. The kids in the line for those with malformations were going in the opposite direction as the healthy kids and all the kids were singing "healthy ones this way, sick ones that way". Nazi vampires....

The other weird thing was that the vampires were being hunted by flies, gigantic flies the size of pigs!

Now psycho-analyze that!!

Speaking of weird, weirdest place I've ever slept was behind a washingmachine at a trailorpark in Australia.

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