torsdag 20 oktober 2011

Please, DO rock my boat

Please inspire me!

Or make me fall...

Make me angry!

Anything, just make me feel anything!

This is the problem. I hear some people like this. They say it is safe and that in the end we all long for safety and familiarity. I don't. Will I ever? I want the adventures! I want the crazy experiences, like when we accidentally drove to Canada on our way to Chicago. Or like when we slept on the floor behind a dryer in a laundry-room at a trailorpark in Australia. Or like that afterparty when people swopped clothes and we flambéd pineapple in my kitchen.

There has been nothing even remotly crazy, life altering or ground-shaking in a very very very long time!

This needs to change! The sooner the better!

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