fredag 7 oktober 2011

Hold on to your hats!

Btw, the date the other night went well! I don't think he is my type but he was super super nice and we hade a great time just talking. First time I checked to see what time it was, it was 2.20am!!! And we had met up at 7pm! That has got to count for something, right?

There is just so much going on right now and I really really love my life! The store-opening last night was PACKED. But drinks and food were super, and so were the goodiebags we got (there was a t-shirt, some make up products from Maxfactor, hairproducts from L'Oreal, chocolate, a magazine (Smug), a gift certificate for 40€ on jeans, a gift certificate for 25€ for a hair salon).

Siinai's gig was also good! Not my kind of music, but good in respect to the genre they represent.

Tonight we're going to the comedy show, that'll be nice. Just hoping M is up for it, she called in sick today.

Tomorrow H is visiting!! Yay!! The band she dances for has a gig here so we're going to see the gig and then go out. I was really looking forward to a serious night out, BUT turns out, I have to take it quite invited to an audition quite early on Sunday. Which is great of course. But my chances are not very good since they are looking for dancers. But I figure it's good to go regardless.

AND, I might have a date on Sunday! Tell you more about that later (no, it's not the same person as last time, although I'll probably see him again as well).

I guess the adventures I've been hoping for are happening all the time, I'm just not realizing it. Sometimes it's hard to see the forest for all the woods you know...

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