söndag 8 maj 2011

laying back and putting my feet up

Eat your hearts out suckers, three more days of work, then it's holidays for TWO MONTHS!!! Hell yes!!

Although, knowing me, it's not really going to be holiday, I have a ton of projects I'm working on, as always, but at least I get to set my own schedules so it's pretty much holidays!

Spent the weekend in Helsinki, which was very nice aside from the fact that I left my wallet at home...so I've been living on borrowed money. Now on the train back home to my wallet and internetbanking to pay back my debts to all those lovely friends who have supported my drinking habits this weekend =). Not really, I'm not that big on drinking. But we did end up at an afterparty last night. I wish I could show you what it was like, but it was one of those affairs where everybody involved is better off knowing that there are no pictures or any other type of documentation of the party in question. Don't think anybody would like to be exposed, but I can tell you there were listening to old cassettes, dancing on tables, and nudity.

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