fredag 20 maj 2011


Yes, I'm going to talk about racism. Not much, because I am on my way out for a bbq. Racism is just a sign of narrow-mindedness and fear of the unknown in my opinion. We all have prejudices against different things, nothing wrong with that, it's natural human behavior. But we don't have to accept our prejudices. Once are aware of them we can try to do something about it, knowing that this feeling or opinion of mine is not based on factual knowledge, but the lack there of. I want to be a better person. Everyday. It's a never-ending process.

I was watching Pressiklubi and they were discussing racism. One of the claims they made was that today racism is not determined by race, but by culture. Maybe they have a point. But then one of them started talking about "African culture"....come on!!! African culture?? Is there also something called European culture? Or Asian culture? Or South-American culture? Or even American culture? I'm Finnish, my culture is very very different from an Italian's culture, just as is an Egyptian's culture different from a South African's culture.

Anyway, it's friday. Time for chicken and a good white wine.

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