onsdag 16 mars 2011

It's all sunshine and blue skies

Finally at home! Sometimes it is a bit tough to always be out and about and never have time to just wind down at home. Everything in my refrigerator has gone bad, just emptied it and had to throw away a ridiculous amount of food...gah, it's so wrong on so many levels!

Oslo was great though! Really great!

And it finally feels like spring is here (just disregard the huge amounts of snow that will take forever to melt)!! I mean, it has got to be spring when the trains are back on schedule and I can use my iPhone outside without freezing my fingers off!

Visited a friend I haven't seen in nearly 6 months last night. She was a complete sweet-heart and had a salad and a bottle of wine ready on the table waiting for my arrival! Very much appreciated after a hard day of work. And speaking of work...it is time to start looking for a new one...ah the agony of short term contracts...(then again, I don't think I would manage doing the same thing year in and year out).

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