onsdag 2 mars 2011

the conceit!

Am I getting fat? That is the question right now. When pulling up my jeans today they just ripped, almost right at the crotch. Sweet. Probably not fat, just my humongous muscles tearing my clothes apart!

It's been a sweet couple of weeks. Had ten days off from work, very nice. Started working on a new project with one Finnish acrobat, one English dancer, one Brazilian capoeirista, and me. J and R came over to Finland to work with us for three days. Got some really nice material out of those days and am now very much looking forward to what is to come out of this.

Still a little bit stressed about my work situation as my contract runs out by the middle of May. What to do then!? If anybody knows of any good jobs, please let me know.

Do you people know of that "baba de caracol" cream? It's made out of snails, or the slime from snails or something and it's supposed to be super good. I bought some today since it was on offer. Hoping it will be as good as advertised.

On Friday a good friend from Stockholm is coming over to visit for a few days. Awesomeness ahead in other words!

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