måndag 20 juni 2011

Lets go!

The vacation is starting to find its pace. My social-calender is starting to fill up fast enough for me to already begin feeling a bit anxious over lack of time!!

I've been hosting friends and relatives since the 12th of this month, and will continue doing so until the end of the month. With this up-coming weekend being the only exception since I won't be at home myself.

Went to see the musical version of "Legally Blond" at a local theatre on Saturday. It was ok. Easy to digest entertainment. Not much to say about it really. Got free tickets from a friend who works as one of the musicians in it so I figured it is worth checking out.

Midsummer is coming up! And again we are packing to head out to the islands. This year there are 12 of us going. It will surely be fantastic. Meeting up with one of the people going tomorrow since we landed the very responsible task of planning the menu for the entire weekend, for 12 people!! It is a challenge for sure... We will manage though.

More to come.

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