torsdag 16 juni 2011

If I take you to my place will you be mine?

Ah, some times being in one place is very much under-rated. I do love travelling, but right now, I'm loving just being here!!

Went to dinner on Saturday in a small restaurant here. My favorite restaurant in this town, not one of those stupid chains you have everywhere. We ended up being the last customers there so the owner and the workers joined us. Turned out we all had a lot in common so they ended up serving us wine after closing hours. I lost count, don't know how many glasses it was, although one ended up on my dress, big thanks to my friend for that! At the end of the night, after a quick round to the bars, we ended up at the owner's place at an afterparty. He cooked some really spicy pasta for us!

Sunday a very good friend came over from Sweden. Spent a great few days with her. Saw "Hannah" at the movies, which was surprisingly good! Also saw the Biennale at the modern arts museum. It was ok. Not more, not less. Did like Ana García-Pineda's work though! Go see it.

Last night some friends treated us to a dinner at Smör. Yummy.

So, there was a short summary of the last days. Time again to focus on the present. Tomorrow farewell drinks at Pinella with a friend. Other than that...nothing. Hoping for some sunny skies!

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