onsdag 24 november 2010

It's the freaking arctic circle, of course it's gonna snow!! stop acting stupid you idiots!

Stupid ass VR (national railway company)!! I have absolutely no sympathy for you! These kind of weather conditions are absolutely normal in this country, and I don't get how you can manage to screw up the timetables like this every fucking year!!! Yes, we are in the north, YES it snows here every year!! Do something about your equipment!! Global warming isn't happening that fast, there are still several cold winters ahead. And you've had several cold winters to practice!! And still we seem to be having this same problem year after year! I'm done, this relationship is over!! Fuck you and go to hell!!

In other words, I'm on the train on my way home from work. Should have been at home 15 minutes ago, but the train is about one hour late. I'm hungry and tired and grumpy! At least they could serve coffee and tea for free in my opinion. This is what you get with monopoly. It serve's only one part, the monopolist. Everybody else loses. What is this, communism?

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