fredag 12 november 2010

Even my plants are dying!

Just read my first post in this blog. It was written on a Saturday night. Right now is Friday night. And again I am at home. I guess it's just this time of the year...up here in the north it gets so freaking dark! It's as if all life just leaves my being. I have no interest in doing anything. And I have absolutely no understanding for those who like this time of the year, candles, darkness, red wine, movies, warm blankets, that's what they talk about. I say fuck that! I prefer my wine in the light of day.

But I try to keep my eyes on what is to come. This month is hard work and no play, but come December and things are quite the opposite! P is coming from Australia, I'm meeting up with him in Paris. After Paris we are coming here, and then Stockholm. From there he will go on to Norway, and I will go on to the States.

For now, I will head out into the darkness and go buy some milk. Maybe also some chocolate. Tomorrow is a new day and I bet it will be rainy. Yay. Crap.

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