lördag 10 juli 2010

The past revisited

They say the pro's party on sundays. I know what they mean. I've been working some in the restaurant/night club business a few years, and that crowd parties on sundays.

Not long ago I went out on a sunday. Just to have a few glasses of wine with an old friend who I used to work with. Somehow we ended up at a bar. It was completely crowded and after hitting the bar we were a bit concerned wether or not we would find a place to sit...luckily we found a table at the very center that was full of old friends and co-workers! They invited us to join them and so we did. At some point my friend commented that "this is nice, I remember three years ago when I used to go out on sundays, it feels just like back then, same people, same bar". And she was very right. It was like visiting the past. There was a time when I used to hang out with this group of people more regularly. But even though I still like them, and still have a good time whenever I see them, I've moved on. But for that night, visiting my past was a good time. And, actually same goes for thursday night...that was seriously visiting the past! It also made me understand why it is the past and not the present. But it was nice.

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