måndag 19 juli 2010

it's just skin!

I have been reflecting over this one thing lately. Or actually several. But this is only about one of them. Or ok, two.

Anyway, the first thing is, I've noticed women here (Finland) tend to wear sleeveless summer dresses with a t-shirt underneath. Why on earth do they do that? It looks so stupid! Sleeveless dresses are sleeveless for a reason! If you don't feel comfortable wearing them, then don't buy them, it's an insult to the dress! In some sense I understand why this happens, the summer here is so short and we are not as used to baring skin as people in warmer places. But still! It looks awful! Don't do it!

Second, where do you draw the line? What is cheating? (And no, I'm not cheating, I can't since I'm single, I just started to think about it. It's really tricky once you start thinking.)

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