tisdag 1 juni 2010

Flowers and hearts and other happy shit

Yeah, totally disregard previous post. Things are in no way complicated, things are perfect. Summer is here, sun is shining, had some guests from Sweden, Australia and Brazil at my place over the weekend. Good times. Great times.

I just feel so at peace with things. E was happy with my work and it means a lot coming from him.

Working on our new production...the schedule is crazy tight, but I think we will pull it together at the end. Actually we don't really have a choice since tickets are already out for sale. But it's all good.

Listening to Petter's "Mikrofonkåt", talk about nostalgic shit!! It's like being back in high school...those were the days. These are the days. Got to stop this now, my happiness is reaching ridiculous levels. Spread some love folks!

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