fredag 16 september 2011

I've got a feelin....woohoo

So guess who has got a date tomorrow? Well, it is not exactly a date, I'm not looking for anything. But it sort of a date. We are going to a poetry slam and after that a concert. Looking forward to it!

There is also a party tomorrow night that I intend to go to. So tomorrow has all potential of being a good day!

Tonight we are keeping the gallery open until 9.30pm. It's the night of the arts in town. We'll have a DJ here and some refreshments (beer). I'm hoping we get a good turn up!

My flatmates are probably coming and I'm not so sure how I feel about that. They are super nice, but one of them can be a bit of a drama queen when there is alcohol involved. And in my opinion drama belongs on stage or on screen, and by the age of almost 30 you should most definitely know how to behave, be there alcohol involved or not!

Also, the guy I wrote about last post (I think), I'll see him again tonight at practice. Still a bit confused about that, but sticking to my theory that it is a lack of physical intimacy on my part and the fact that he is a very warm person around who I feel very....I guess safe would be a good word. But, I know from experience that mixing up feeling safe with having a crush is not a good thing to do. Safe is nice, but in the long run quite boring. And by the time you realize you are not in to the other person, you just like how safe he makes you feel then you might already be in a very tricky situation.

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