söndag 18 september 2011

Dancing on my own

So, yesterday's date got cancelled. The guy had fallen asleep. He did send me a text appologizing for this and asking what I was doing later that night. I told him I have no plans and told him to let me know if he's going out. Didn't hear from him again. Wtf!? I mean, I'm not looking for a relationship or even a fling, I just want to get to know people as this town, and this country, is new to me. But still, who does he think he is standing me up?? Anybody, boy, girl, man or woman, should feel priviliged to be allowed my company!

Anyway, I do not let strangers mess up my plans, so I went to the Opera house on my own. They screened a documentary about a Norwegian artist up on the roof of the Opera house. It was actually quite amazing, one of the best documentaries I've ever seen. Beautiful. Artistic without being pretentios, funny without being corny. So after all it was a good night.

Today Rex called. He had a hangover and asked if I wanted to go to a museum with him. I'm always up for art. He picked me up and we went. He says he is a fuck up. He doesn't like his job, it is just something he does to pay the rent. He says he would like to do something more creative. What is stopping you I asked. I think he is trying to impress me. It is kind of sweet in a way. I think he means well. I think he is a bit lost between his early 20s and the now approaching 30. How do you become the man you want to be?

Got a show for next Friday. Doesn't pay at all, but since I'm new in town I guess I have to do some of these first to make a name for myself. It's just a hair-show but it does include some choreography and trapeze. Most importantly, I get to be on stage and blow people's minds.

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