tisdag 12 juli 2011

All, once again, is relative

Taking a break from all the vacationing (it is so exhausting I need a vacation from my vacation, now that's the spirit of modern day society) and spending a few days in the Finnish country-side at my grandmom's place. It's great and she's great. I've been basically just sleeping and eating (anybody up for some hard core training once I get back in to town?).

My grandmom is so cool. I love her. Being here and talking to her also reminds me of how important it is to stay in touch with one's own history. Dad is also here, he's been here longer than me. Last week he got a bunch of letters written by my father's father's father when he was serving as a soldier in the second world war. He was quite old for a soldier so luckily he didn't have to serve very long. Also he ran the local village shop so he was needed back home. I haven't read much of the letters yet, but what strikes me is how family oriented my great grandfather was. It is clear to see in his letters that he misses his family very much. He says no man with a family should have to serve in a war.

It is too easy to distance oneself from the war and its horrors. There are wars going on all over the world constantly and the suffering is equally undeserved regardless of the sufferer. Lets try to keep in mind that "our men" (who ever they are) are no saints either. They bring suffering to others just as others bring it to our men.

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