tisdag 28 december 2010

The universe and all that nonsense

Ok. Here we go. To be completely honest, the smart thing to do would be going to sleep and writing some other day. They say drunk facebooking is bad, what about drunk blogging? Not that I'm drunk, hypothetical question.

Experienced the modern day version of "Further" today. Minivan, seats for 6 people, there were 12 of us. Completely random people from all over the world but mostly the States. People smoking (rather not be more specific than so), nobody really knowing where we were going. Some musicians, some girls who looked way too young to be there. Ended up standing at some street corner listening to some very improvised tunes by two saxophones and one guitar. (Again, the saxophones....)

Playing pool with some random guy who'd been smoking. I won.

But on a more serious note. During my time here I've also met one amazing person. I've met several cool people, but only one who stands out as amazing. I only got to enjoy his company for one night, but I feel fortunate for that night. I try to be nonchalant about it, but if I'm honest I know that this was supposed to happen. We share the same values to an extent which almost scares me. And I loved watching the respect with which he treated EVERYBODY around him. I look to the stars and hope our roads will cross again, but if they don't I will always have that one night. That one experience of feeling that there is another person who feels the same way I do about the world. It's a memory I will treasure. A memory which can't be subdued by the wish to experience it again. Whatever happens from now on, I know that on the other side of the globe there is this amazing person who shares my view of the world.

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