måndag 16 augusti 2010

Lets get this show rolling!

The heat has kept me busy elsewhere lately. Today was the day to dig out the old calender after not having even glanced at it for over a month. It's back to reality. Already missed one appointment...holiday mode still on.

Spent all of last week in Helsinki. The week was topped of by Flow festival. Biggest mind blowers were definitely M.I.A and The XX!

Also got to see several friends over there that I don't see all too often. One of them is on his way to Denmark now to perform. If you are there, don't miss this show, it's spectacular!

More info on http://www.cryingoutloud.org/racehorsecompany.php

Last but not least I have to complain about the way Finns dress, once again. Us Scandinavians are generally quite pale, which makes it really hard for me to understand why so many women here insist on wearing combinations of beige and white. ONLY BEIGE AND WHITE!! Why? It makes us look even more pale! And they are really boring colors, especially combined together!

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