onsdag 25 augusti 2010

I can't stand my own mind

Went to see the pre-showing of "Wicked" the musical at the city theatre in Helsinki last week. One of the benefits of my job, free tickets to stuff like that. Have to say I was very pleasantly surprised by it. Probably the first time I've seen a musical here in Finland that actually works! Where they let the dancers do what they do best and don't adjust choreographies in order to make them easy enough so that any 50-year old actor can do them. The story was good, simple but timely. And, even though the circus artists they used for this production were dressed as monkeys it didn't give the impression of being used as "special effects", their range of movement supported the story in a good way.

Go see it.

Holidays are now over. Once again I'm left with the feeling that the summer went by way too quickly. Sad.

From time to time I get this feeling that I should write a book. I know many people have that feeling. If I was to actually do it now I think it would be a 2010 version of "On the road" since I'm commuting between two towns the next year, half of the week in each. The setting would be Finland, the trains faster and more comfortable but other than that not much has changed since the original version. Weed is still illegal and the fashion is back to where it was when "On the road" was written. All I need to do is figure out who is my Allen Ginsberg and who is my Neal Cassidy...

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